Multi-account - Everything you need to know

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What is the Multi-account feature?

The Kinesis single-profile multiple accounts structure (Multi-account) enables platform users to create multiple, separate Kinesis profiles that can be easily managed from a primary, Individual account with a single login. Kinesis users can open an unlimited number of separate Business account profiles and seamlessly switch between them for improved accessibility.

The Multi-account feature opens up everyone - from small business owners and large corporations to fund managers - to the benefits of the Kinesis Monetary System, providing them with an enhanced level of control over their portfolio.

Follow the steps outlined in our dedicated Multi-account guide to open your new business account in minutes. 


How many separate accounts can I have? 

You can create as many separate, KYC-verified Business accounts as you wish, each with a separate account HIN number. You can add them either by using the Add Account widget, located in the profile settings page of your Individual (primary) account, or by registering a new account using the Kinesis sign-up page

Note that the maximum number of unverified Business accounts you can have open at any one time is limited to three.

You can only have one Individual Kinesis account for personal use, at all times, with all other accounts chosen from the Kinesis business accounts offering: Business, Trust fund or Retirement fund. 


Switch Account functionality:

You can easily manage, delete or switch between your additional accounts from your primary profile, using the Switch Account feature. To access it, simply click your profile icon in the top right corner of the main Kinesis dashboard.


Do I need to pay to open additional accounts?

No, registering and managing your multiple Business accounts is entirely free, regardless of how many Kinesis accounts you own. In fact, Kinesis’ innovative revenue model allows you to earn a yield in gold and silver, simply by using your Kinesis account.


Do I need to verify all my additional accounts?

No. As long as your primary, Individual account is KYC-verified, you will be able to open additional business accounts via the Multi-account feature. However, to fully benefit from the Kinesis account offering, it is recommended that you verify each of your separate business accounts. 

Find out how to KYC verify your Business Account in this article.


Please note: If you already have 3 unverified Business accounts opened through the Add Account widget, you won’t be able to open any additional business accounts until you complete the verification process for at least one of your already existing, unverified business accounts.


Can I add an existing Business account to the Multi-account?

No. If you have a Business account that was opened in the past and is already KYC-verified, then you cannot connect it to the Multi-account feature.


Can I earn yields using my Business Account?

Yes. Kinesis users can generate yields on all their separate account profiles, with no limits or additional costs.

All accrued yields, generated for a given month, are paid out in Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG in the first week of the following calendar month and are representative of your proportional stake in their specified fee pools. 

Please note that all eligible yields will only be distributed to KYC-verified Kinesis accounts.


Will I get the Referrer’s Yield on my referee's multiple accounts?

Yes. Each of your multiple accounts has its own unique referrer’s link, which you can send to anyone you wish to introduce to Kinesis, whether that’s a local business or global enterprise. This means you can control which of your multiple accounts your Referrer’s Yield will be paid out at the end of each month, in gold and silver.

Importantly, once your referee uses your unique referrer’s link to sign up for Kinesis, you will be entitled to a Referrer’s Yield generated on all existing, KYC-verified accounts that your referee has created with the Multi-account feature. This opens up unlimited earning potential for a user.


Should I have different email addresses for my separate accounts? 

Yes. You must set up each of your multiple Kinesis accounts using a separate email address - you will be able to effortlessly switch between and manage all your profiles from a single primary login.


KYC verification

Each of the accounts you wish to add will need their registered email addresses to be KYC-verified separately. Each email address is unique to a given Kinesis account and therefore requires verification in its own right. 


2FA authentication

You will only need to configure two-factor authentication (2FA) once, to ensure it applies to all your Kinesis accounts. You can do so by downloading Google Authenticator - or a similar app - to your mobile device and scanning the QR code located in the 2FA section in your account’s settings.


Can I set up separate accounts for multiple Kinesis Pay businesses?

Yes. One of the primary functions of the Multi-account is to enable business owners to gain more control over their portfolio, allowing for creating their multiple, separate businesses and managing them more efficiently - without the necessity to resolve to fiat currencies.

Business owners can create multiple business profiles and install the Kinesis Pay plugin on each of their merchant websites separately, allowing their various businesses to be managed independently with the added convenience of a single access point that they can easily switch between.

Kinesis Pay is a highly scalable feature that connects business owners with Kinesis’ bespoke payment rail built for accepting Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG). With Kinesis Pay installed on a merchant’s website, system users can purchase products and services directly using gold and silver as money.