Business Account - Everything you need to know

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What is a Business Account?

In addition to the Individual Kinesis account offering, available on the Kinesis platform for personal use, system users are given the opportunity to easily register and verify their Business accounts, designed to cater to Businesses and Corporations, as well as Trusts Funds and Retirement Funds.

This bespoke and highly scalable functionality of the Kinesis Monetary System allows businesses, companies and funds to fully integrate into the monetary infrastructure of the Kinesis platform and benefit from the entire product suite in the most efficient manner, at no cost.


What are the benefits of a Business account with Kinesis?

A Kinesis Business account allows users to benefit from: 

  • Global borderless transfers, including overseas and remittance payments - ideal for companies that are remote, or spread across the world. 
  • Rapidly executed transactions, globally.
  • Transacting and managing your assets in the universally recognised value of gold and silver - removing forex conversion rates as a result.
  • Low costs and low transaction fees - a cheaper alternative to traditional banking.
  • Multicurrency payments - including crypto, gold, silver and fiat, allow for transactions in local currencies.
  • Mobile and Desktop accessibility.
  • Integration with the innovative Kinesis Yields System - allowing users to earn a yield in gold and silver on all transactions across the Kinesis platform.

Do I need to pay for my Business account? 

No. Registering and managing both your Individual and Business accounts is entirely free, regardless of the total amount of Kinesis accounts you own. In fact, Kinesis’ innovative revenue model allows you to earn a yield in gold and silver, simply by using your Kinesis account.


Can I earn yields using my Business account? 

Yes. Kinesis enables all system participants, including the Business or Fund account holders, to benefit from the bespoke Kinesis fee-sharing yield system. The same as with individual accounts, all accrued, eligible yields are paid out in Kinesis gold (KAU) or silver (KAG), at the end of the calendar month and are representative of your proportional stake in their specified fee pools. 

It is worth noting that they will only be distributed to KYC-verified Kinesis accounts.