Individual account - Everything you need to know

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Can I use my account without verifying?

No, once you have signed up for Kinesis, you will receive an email to verify your account.

This is the first step to unlocking the full potential of Kinesis, until this has been completed, users will be limited to viewing aspects of Kinesis but will be unable to utilise them.

There are various other aspects of the Kinesis mobile app that will not be available until you have fully KYC-verified your identity.


How many assets can I hold in my account?

The Kinesis platform supports native Kinesis currencies (KAU, KAG and KVT), as well as multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies, with the list continuously expanding. Each asset will be stored in a separate section within your Kinesis account, allowing you to easily and efficiently manage your portfolio.


How do I spend and transact funds in my account?

Your funds are easily transferable from, to and across Kinesis, which enables international remittance.

Additionally, the Kinesis cards provide flexibility to spend gold and silver as money, globally. You can find out more about our card program here.


Do Kinesis gold and silver in my account earn a yield?

Yes, Kinesis currencies held in your Kinesis accounts are eligible for a yield, as long as you have verified your identity through the KYC process. You will be rewarded with a passive Holder's Yield simply for storing gold and silver with Kinesis, paid monthly into your account.


Can I have more than one account?

Yes. With Kinesis’ Multi-account feature, you can have an unlimited number of separate Business accounts which you can access and manage from a single, main Kinesis account profile. 

However, you can only have one Individual Kinesis account for personal use, at all times - with your other accounts being Business, Trust Fund or Retirement Fund accounts.

Learn more about Kinesis Multi-accounts here.