Holder’s Yield - Everything you need to know

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What is the Holder’s Yield and what makes me eligible for it?

The Holder’s yield is designed to reward Kinesis users for holding gold and silver with Kinesis. 

In order to be eligible for the Holder’s Yield, all you need to do is store Kinesis gold (KAU) or silver (KAG) in a Kinesis account or any external wallet linked to it. You can acquire your KAU and KAG in the process of minting, buying at the Kinesis Exchange, receiving a transfer or even as your previous yield payout.

For a full breakdown please read our comprehensive eligibility guide.


Do I receive the Holder’s Yield on any asset I hold?  

No. You will only receive a Holder’s Yield on your KAU and KAG. 


Do I have to hold KAU/KAG for the full month to receive the Holder’s Yield payment for that month? 

No, your Holder’s Yield is calculated daily, so you will receive your yields for the exact amount of days you’ve been holding your KAU and KAG in your Kinesis account or a standalone wallet linked to your account.


In which currency will I get paid and how often?  

You will receive a yield in gold on all qualifying Kinesis gold (KAU) you hold. Similarly, you will receive a Holder’s Yield in silver on all qualifying Kinesis silver (KAG) you hold. 

Yields are paid monthly, in the first week of each following month, for all yields accrued in the previous month.


Where will the Holder’s Yield be paid?

Your earned yield will be paid into your Kinesis KAU and KAG account, although Kinesis calculates and checks your holdings on all linked addresses. You can keep track of your yield via the yield dashboard in the Kinesis platform, as shown in the Holder's Yield Walkthrough video.