How do I qualify for Holder’s Yield?

  • Updated

There are a small number of requirements that need to be met for you to receive a yield reward. 

In order to receive any type of yield:

  • Your account has to be fully ID verified through the KYC process.
  • Your account (or your linked addresses) cannot be suspended nor blacklisted
  • Your account has to meet the specific conditions of each yield

The specific conditions you need to meet to receive a Holder’s Yields are:

You need to hold KAU and/or KAG:

- in your Kinesis account

- in an integrated Kinesis Wallet

- in an external wallet eg. the Standalone wallet, such as Coolwallet S or Pro.


If your holdings are in an external wallet, this must be linked to your Kinesis account.

For linking the standalone wallet, see the linking an external wallet address guide.


Your KAU or KAG holdings may be acquired through:

- minting new Kinesis currencies

- buying at the Kinesis Exchange

- receiving a transfer (e.g. gift or payment) from another account or wallet

- receiving payment in gold and silver for products and services with Kinesis Pay

- previous yield payments