Linking Kinesis Wallet address to a Kinesis account

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In order to ensure you receive your yield payments on assets held outside of your Kinesis account, you will need to link your wallet address to your associated Kinesis account. Address Linking is necessary to identify the wallet address and associated Kinesis account that will receive the yields.

Please note that the vast majority of Kinesis accounts are automatically pre-linked, and only a small minority of Kinesis users owning external wallets, such as a Kinesis wallet or CoolWallet, may need to manually link their addresses. 

However, Kinesis urges all its system participants to check their status and ensure that all their accounts that they mint to are listed on their Kinesis profile in the Yields tab. You need to link your address only if the external wallet or any account you mint to is unlinked.

If all addresses you have minted to are already listed, no action will be required.

Please remember, that the Kinesis account is where all your yields will be credited to, even if you mint to other addresses and wallets.


Please note: A fully verified Kinesis account and “external wallet” (stand-alone wallet) will be required to complete the linking process.

Learn how to set up a new Kinesis account here.

Learn how to set up an external, standalone Kinesis Wallet here.

You can create a new standalone Kinesis Wallet at this link.





Step 1: Navigate to the Yields tab and press the “+ Link a new address” button.



(This is the Yields tab on the Kinesis dashboard.)



(This is where the link new address button can be found.)


Step 2: You will be presented with a pop-up where you will need to enter your Public address for the currency (KAU or KAG) of the wallet you wish to link. You also have the option to set a name tag as a reference. 




Step 3: Once you’ve entered your public address you may proceed by pressing “NEXT” to proceed to the next step.


mceclip9.pngThis Public address for the respective currency can be found here.


Step 4: You will then be presented with a screen to complete the address linking process which will require you to log into your external wallet and generate a signed message. You will need to use the “SIGN” function from your external wallet to generate a signature.




Step 5: Signing a message from your external wallet.

Copy and paste your Payment Reference Number into the “Message” field and then press the “SIGN” button on your external wallet. 

The Kinesis Payment Reference (starting with KM followed by 8 digits, eg KM12345678) is a number the Kinesis team uses to identify your account.



A new signature will be generated for you to copy and paste into the last field of the address-linking process.

Once This is done, press “Verify” and your address will have been successfully linked.




Once this has been completed, you will see information regarding the linked address including the date linked and the wallet public address.