‘Send-to-email’ - How does it work?

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Is there a time limit to accepting crypto funds?

Yes, the receiver has a window of 7 days (168 hours) to claim funds transferred from a sender. 


What happens if a user does not accept a crypto transfer?

If the recipient of the transaction does not accept the crypto transfer within a 7-day time limit, funds will be credited back to the sender’s account. 


How will I know that the transfer was successful?

The sender will receive an email confirmation once the receiver has signed up, verified their identity and been debited with crypto funds to their account. 


How long does it take to send funds to an existing Kinesis user?

Transactions to current Kinesis account holders are instant, due to the efficiency of the Kinesis Blockchain network. 


Where to find the ‘Send-to-email’ function on the Kinesis Dashboard?

The new ‘send-to-email’ payment option is accessible via the ‘Send’ widget, located on the top menu bar on the Kinesis platform. Users who wish to send funds via email can simply follow the usual flow to send digital assets, only choosing the ‘Email’ option when selecting a recipient. When the 'Send' widget is open, the sender will be able to select the 'Email' option, and then insert an email address.

Users will have the option to include a short message in the email to personalise the message or inform the recipient of the reason for payment.



Sending Crypto to non-KMS users


Do I need to have a Kinesis account to receive funds?

Yes, new users will need to create an account with the Kinesis platform and fully verify their identity via the KYC process to accept crypto funds sent by a current user. 


How do I accept a crypto transfer via send-to-email, if I'm not a Kinesis user?

To claim crypto funds via the ‘send-to-email’ function, the receiver will need to sign up on the Kinesis platform and create an account. They will also need to KYC-verify their identity, including their personal details and the email address that the sender is directing crypto funds to in order to accept them. 

Once the receiver opens a Kinesis account, they become a new customer on the platform, meaning that crypto funds assigned to their email address will be debited to their Kinesis account. 


How will I be notified of an incoming transfer, if I'm not a Kinesis user?

The receiver will get an email notification with details of the transaction and any message input from the sender. In this email, they will also learn how to open an account with Kinesis in order to validate their email address.