How to Mint Cycle

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In this video, Mike provides a short walkthrough through the process of Mint Cycling within the Kinesis Monetary System.

Learn about the benefits of the process and follow these easy steps to purchase new Kinesis gold and silver currencies, KAU and KAG through the Kinesis Mint and then sell it on the Kinesis Exchange, to access lifelong Minter’s Yield.


Kinesis minters can recycle the same currency through the minting process, over and over. 

For example, that accumulative $100,000 of minted currency could be achieved from the same $10,000 of currency, cycled through the minting process 10 times. 

Of course, a minter must consider the fees applied when minting, and subsequently, trading their KAU or KAG. However, with the right timing, it is more than achievable to offset the low fees charged minting, with the price movement of gold and silver.