Minter's Yield - Everything you need to know

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What is the Minter's Yield?

The Minter’s Yield rewards Kinesis users for minting and using new Kinesesis currencies, KAU and KAG. As the minted currency travels through the Kinesis system, minters are paid a monthly yield in gold and silver.


Do I need to Mint every month to receive my Minter’s Yield?  

No. Your Minter’s Yield is for life and you will receive a proportional share of the Minter’s Yield fee pool every month. 


Will I receive the Minter’s Yield if I purchase another asset (other than USD) with my minted gold or silver?

Yes, you will receive the Minter’s Yield as long as the KAU and KAG you are selling have been minted, and not bought on the Kinesis Exchange.


Where will my Minted currency be paid out?

Your earned yield will always be paid into your Kinesis KAU and KAG account, although Kinesis calculates and checks your holdings and minted coins on all linked addresses. You can keep track of your yields via the Yields dashboard on the Kinesis platform.


In which currency will I get paid and how often?  

You will receive a yield in gold on all minted and transacted (sent or spent) qualifying Kinesis gold (KAU) and a yield in silver on all minted and transacted (sent or spent) qualifying Kinesis silver (KAG). 

Yields are paid monthly, in week 1 of each following month, for all yields accrued in the previous month.


If I complete the EPD process, will that count towards the Minter’s Yield?

Yes, Exchanging Physical for Digital (EPD), followed by either sending your digitalised bullion to another verified user’s account or selling/ trading it on the Kinesis Exchange, counts towards your Minter’s Yield, as described in our EPD article.


How to use the Yield tab on the Kinesis platform?

You can find out how to use the Yield tab on the Kinesis platform in this walkthrough video.  This is where you can track your monthly yields. 

The main section of the Yield tab displays ‘Total yields received to date’, individually and cumulatively, as well as a more detailed graphic breakdown of the Minter’s Yield.