How is the Minter’s Yield calculated?

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All yields are paid from the Master Fee Pool, which is built up throughout the month, from:

  • transaction fees (0.45%) generated from transfers of KAU and KAG
  • KAU and KAG minting fees (0.45%)
  • all SELL & BUY transactions at the Kinesis Exchange (0.22%)
  • all (physical and virtual) Kinesis Card transactions (0.22%)
  • KAU and KAG redemption transaction fees (0.45%)

Minters as a group are allocated 5% of the Master Fee Pool.


Calculating your Minter’s Yield consists of three elements:

  • Calculating the ratio of gold or silver you have minted versus the total amount minted by all Kinesis users
  • Ensuring you followed all the steps in order to qualify for the Minter’s Yield (either by minting your KAU and KAG and selling on the Kinesis Exchange or alternatively, by minting and sending it to another non-related account with your Kinesis account or Wallet)
  • Calculating the bonuses, e.g. if you participated in Kinesis Minting Offers and adding all amounts together to get the total qualified minted amounts.

What do you need to know about the Minter’s Yield?

  • Your share is all of your activated Minter's Yield entitlement as a proportion of everyone's activated Minter's Yield entitlement.
  • Minter's Yield is a lifelong yield, which means that you will receive a proportional stake of the Minter’s Yield fee pool on a recurring basis, for each minted and activated KAU and KAG.
  • There are separate Master Fee Pools for KAU and KAG, with KAU minting being related to the KAU Master Fee Pool and KAG minting to the KAG Master Fee Pool.


Let’s assume that the total amount of qualifying (minted and activated) Minter’s Yield entitlement across the Kinesis platform is 1,000,000 KAU. This is the amount generated by all minters, since the Kinesis platform launch on the 2nd of April 2019.

You minted and used 1,000 KAU each month over the course of the last 3 months (ie. a total of 3,000 KAU).

This means that your share of this month's Minter's Yield allocation would be 3,000/1,000,000 = 0.3%


Please note: A 3x multiplier bonus is applied to all eligible minting (and sending or spending) activities conducted prior to 01.07.2021 as a part of the Initial Public Minting Offer (pre-ICO period). The 3x multiplier does not apply to any minting activities after this date.

You can find out how to calculate the 3x multiplier bonus in this article.