Do I need to link my external wallet address to receive the Minter’s Yield?

  • Updated

Yes, you need to link your accounts to receive your yield on any asset held outside your Kinesis account, which is why it is imperative that Kinesis users check their linked addresses, to make sure that all wallets that you have used for minting and holding coins in the past are listed. 

Please note that the vast majority of Kinesis accounts are automatically pre-linked, and only a small minority of Kinesis users owning external wallets, such as a Kinesis CoolWallet, may need to manually link their addresses. 

Although the vast majority of Kinesis users will be required to take no action, we still urge all participants to check that all addresses previously minted to are listed in the address linking widget on the platform. 

  • If you have only ever minted from your Mint Wallet account straight to the Kinesis account, your accounts will automatically be pre-linked and no further action is required. 
  • However, If you have previously minted to any external wallet, you will be required to let us know you own that wallet, by linking it. Otherwise, the Kinesis algorithm won’t be able to track and calculate your earned yield, in which case you will lose it.

We would like to emphasise that all unlisted addresses will not receive a yield. This is why it is imperative that all users follow the steps to ensure all addresses previously minted to are linked and listed. 

A comprehensive linking guide can be found here.