Minting KAU and KAG to external Wallet

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With your newly deposited funds, you are able to place orders to purchase Kinesis currencies, KAU (1g gold) and KAG (1oz silver). Any purchases of Kinesis gold and silver-backed coins through the minting process will be deposited into your standalone Wallet.

Step 1

1. Log into your Kinesis Mint account.

2. Select the currency you wish to mint by clicking the 100 KAU panel. We will purchase KAU in this example.

3. You will be presented with a market view page for Kinesis gold.

Here you can view the price chart for the KAU asset, view the order book depth and any open orders you may have.

Click “BUY” to proceed to complete a new order.


4. Complete the place order details by entering the number of lots of KAU (100 KAU lots), or KAG (200 KAG lots), you wish to purchase and whether you would like to place a market or limit order, then click 'Confirm' to proceed to verify your order.


Step 2: Order Verification

To ensure the Kinesis currency to be purchased is deposited to your Wallet you will need to verify the placed order.


1. Copy the message highlighted below in the tile and log in to your Kinesis Wallet in a separate tab on your web browser

2. From within your Kinesis Wallet click 'Advanced' and on the dropped-down 'Sign' panel paste the copied message into the 'Message' field.

Next, click the 'Sign' button to generate a message signature.

Finally, copy the signature and navigate back to your Kinesis Mint account.

3. Paste the copied signature into the field highlighted below and click the 'Verify' button to proceed.


Step 3: Order Confirmation

You will be presented with a wallet verification success message and directed to a cost summary of the order. Confirm by clicking the 'Buy' button, which will result in the order being placed onto the exchange and matched to execute the trade.

Your Kinesis currencies will be immediately available for you to view within your Kinesis Wallet and you will be presented with the following screen, showing the details of the order placed and resultant trade execution.

Once your purchase is confirmed and the emission of your Kinesis gold has taken place, you will receive an e-mail notification of your trade being confirmed.


Additionally, you will be able to login to your Kinesis account and view your newly deposited currency, residing in your wallet.