EPD - How to exchange physical gold and silver bullion for KAU and KAG

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In this video, Mike explains how to exchange your physical gold and silver bullion for digitalised gold and silver-backed Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG, through the EPD process (Exchange Physical for Digital).

Follow these steps if you want to bring your physical bullion from an external vaulting location into the global vaulting network of the Kinesis Monetary System, to access free storage and gain liquidity of your gold and silver assets.


Exchange physical for digital (EPD)

EPD is the process of converting your physical gold or silver bullion into Kinesis KAU or KAG, through the process of digitalisation. That way, you can store 1:1 allocated precious metals in our vaults, free of charge, while allowing you to spend, send and transact your gold and silver as money. 

Exchange Physical for Digital (EPD) step-by-step guide:

  1. Open a Kinesis Mint account.
  2. Complete the EPD form located in the Kinesis Mint platform.

  1. The EPD team will contact the Minter via email to confirm details of the EPD and may request additional supporting documentation/information.
  2. On confirmation via reply email from the Minter, the EPD team will begin the metal deposit and currency emission process. If supporting documentation/information was requested, this will need to be reviewed and approved prior to progressing.
  3. Currency emission occurs only once the physical bullion has been received by Kinesis.

How to exchange physical coins and bars for Digital

Exchange Physical for Digital (Coins and bars) enables users to bring eligible* gold and silver coins and bars into our segregated vault and unlock the benefits of holding Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG)

Kinesis users are able to access the fine weight of their collection in KAU or KAG for real-world payments - simply maintain a ⅔ balance.

See the EPD (coins and bars) page.

See EPD (coins & bars) requirements.


Step 1. Open a Kinesis Mint account.

Step 2. Complete the form located in the EPD section of the Kinesis Mint, making sure to select the Segregated EPD Program option.


Step 3. The EPD team will contact the minter via email to confirm the details of the coins and bars proposed for EPD and may request additional supporting documentation/information.

Step 4. As part of the Kinesis system Integrity framework, all gold and silver coins and bars will then be assayed, at the depositor’s expense, assessing fineness and valuing the coin to its fine weight.

Step 5. On successful valuation and verification of authenticity, the coins and bars will be recorded in a deposit manifest and stored within the segregated storage facility at the participating vaulting provider.

Step 6. In addition to the general information about the deposit, the tube/box/bag number, depositor information, and special notes, such as observed damage, year, edition etc, and, importantly, the Kinesis system HIN of the depositor, would be recorded in the ABX Vault Management System. 

Step 7. Once all information is recorded and the coins have been successfully deposited, the Kinesis operations team will emit the appropriate number of KAU or KAG to the depositor's Kinesis account, charging the 1% segregated deposit fee at the time of emission.