How to link the Kinesis platform with the CoinTracking platform via the API Key

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What is the CoinTracking platform?

The CoinTracking platform describes itself as the world's first cryptocurrency trade data calculator, reporting tool and portfolio manager, which integrates with leading cryptocurrency exchanges - including the Kinesis Exchange -  to gather your trading history which is then used for creating transaction reports, automatically.

The CoinTracking platform -  currently accumulating over 41.5 billion US Dollars total worth of all portfolios and a worldwide professional network to assist with international transaction data reports filing - significantly simplifies transaction tracking, providing an adequate tool designed specifically for trade data reporting purposes. 

The Kinesis platform allows users to automatically import their trading data directly into the CoinTracking platform through the integrated API, which is then continuously processed by the CoinTracking software.

Additionally, users also have the option to manually import their trade data into the CoinTracking platform, in a compatible CSV file, as described here.

10% off for Kinesis users 

The CoinTracking tool requires setting up a free account, which enables users to benefit from a variety of helpful features and reporting options. Available for both desktop and mobile, the platform offers automatic and manual blockchain and exchange imports, tracking of coins and transactions, personal trade backups and many other functionalities. 

Kinesis users wishing to expand their CoinTracking plan with additional options and remove limits can enjoy a 10% discount for all types and lengths of available CoinTracking subscriptions.

Simply follow this link to access the CoinTracking platform and create a new account - or upgrade your existing account - to reduce the price of your CoinTracking licence by 10%.

How to link a Kinesis account with the CoinTracking platform?

To start reporting and uploading trade data directly into the CoinTracking system, users need to connect their Kinesis accounts with the CoinTracking tool through uniquely generated API keys, which can be found in the Settings tab on the Kinesis platform.

Please note: The API functionality enabling automated reporting is available only to users with active CoinTracking Pro, Expert or Unlimited accounts.

Free CoinTracking account users can manage their reports with the manual CSV Export/Import Statement import function, as described in this walkthrough.

Guide: Connecting Kinesis Platform API to CoinTracking Tool

Step 1: Log in

Log into your Kinesis account using your credentials, and access the Settings tab in your Profile menu dropdown, located in the top right corner of your dashboard.



Step 2: Go to the CoinTracking API section

From the available options, select the CoinTracking API Keys section, where you can generate CoinTracking API keys.

Please note that you must first confirm that you have read and agreed to the Kinesis API Terms and Conditions.


Step 3: Generating keys

Generate a CoinTracking Access Token (API Key) and Secret Token (Private Key) by clicking the ‘Generate’ button. Keep this page open as you will need to copy both tokens and paste them into your CoinTracking account later.

cointracking api tab.png

The Access token: The Access token is used to identify you to our system and is associated with only this account you are logged into. 

Secret Token: You will only be shown this Secret token once. You will need to record it as it will not be shown again. If the Secret token is lost or forgotten, you will need to re-generate a new Access and Secret token pair by clicking ‘Generate’ and updating your applications.

Importantly, you should never share your secret token with anyone, and never include it in any public repository or host it on any website.

api key.png


Step 4: Visit the CoinTracking website

Open another tab in your web browser and visit the CoinTracking website, then log into your CoinTracking account.

If you do not have a CoinTracking account already, you need to create one. You can sign up for free to access a limited number of helpful features, however, we recommend using this link, entitling all Kinesis users to a 10% discount on all CoinTracking licences

Find the list of available plans here.

Please note: The API functionality enabling automated reporting is available only to users with active CoinTracking Pro, Expert or Unlimited accounts.

Watch this helpful video to learn how to create your CoinTracking account:

CoinTracking How-To (part 2) - Creating an Account


Step 5: Find dedicated Kinesis page on CoinTracking

These keys establish a secure connection between the two platforms. Here’s how to do it:

CoinTracking How-To (part 5) - Entering Your Trades with API Imports

On the Enter Coins page, click on “New”, then scroll down to the Automatic API Import section. Find Kinesis on the list of available exchanges and click the logo icon to access the API page.

Alternatively, you can access the API page by opening the Enter Coins drop-down menu and selecting Kinesis from the list of available exchanges.


Step 6: Entering the API key

Now, you can go back to the API page in your Kinesis account from Step 3

Copy the Access Token (API Key) and Secret Token (Private Key) you have generated and enter them into the CoinTracking Kinesis API Import page.


Step 7: Establishing connection

Click ‘Save’ to establish a connection between both platforms. From now on, all your transactions on the Kinesis platform will be automatically recorded and synced with your CoinTracking account on an hourly basis, simplifying your transaction data reporting processes.