CoinTracking CSV reports - Import & Export Walkthrough

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What is the CoinTracking platform?

The platform describes itself as the world's first cryptocurrency tax calculator, reporting tool and portfolio manager, which integrates with leading cryptocurrency exchanges - including the Kinesis Exchange -  to gather your trading history which is then used for creating tax reports, automatically.  -  currently accumulating over 41.5 billion US Dollars total worth of all portfolios and a worldwide professional network to assist with international tax filing - significantly simplifies transaction tracking, providing an adequate tool designed specifically for tax purposes. 

The Kinesis platform allows users to simply import their trading data in a compatible CSV file, which is then processed by the CoinTracking software upon uploading.

CSV export functionality on the Kinesis Exchange

Kinesis users can simply download their trade data within a specified period in a CSV format, fully compatible with the CoinTracking platform, from the Recent Transactions in the Accounts tab or from the Kinesis Exchange interface itself.


How to Export a CSV file from the Kinesis Exchange?

STEP 1: You can locate the Export Statement option by clicking the balance widget on the Kinesis Dashboard in the Portfolio section. 




STEP 2: A pop-up with supported Statement Types will be displayed: 

Transactions - Holdings - Account Balance - CoinTracking Account Balance. 

Click on the ‘CoinTracking Account Balance’ statement option and then click the ‘Export results’ button to download the CSV format file.



Alternatively, you can find the 'CoinTracking Account Balance' option in the 'Exchange' tab, by clicking the 'Download history' button.



You can then easily import the downloaded CSV file to the CoinTracking platform, by following the steps outlined below.


How to import the KMS CoinTracking account statement to the CoinTracking platform?

STEP 1: While on the CoinTracking website, please go to Enter Coins tab > Bulk Imports > CSV Import.




STEP 2: You will be taken to the CSV Import page, from where you can simply upload your Account Statement file you have earlier exported from the Kinesis Exchange dashboard.




STEP 3: From there, you can check if your trades are correct and then start migrating the trade information into CoinTracking by clicking the ‘start import’ button, allowing you to easily generate your tax report.



Import information:

  • You can use the following types in the 'Type' column: Trade, Deposit, Withdrawal, Income, Mining, Gift/Tip, Spend, Donation, Gift, Stolen, Lost.
  • There is no trade limit. You can include as many transactions as you want. But for a faster import, we recommend splitting up files with more than 5000 transactions into multiple files
  • Fees, exchanges, trade groups and comments are optional and will be listed on the Enter Coins page.
  • Don't use semicolons (;) in the Excel file.
  •  If you want to import the exported file into another CoinTracking account, make sure both accounts use the same language.


How to change the price of the Kinesis currencies (KAU, KAG, KVT) in CoinTracking?

STEP 1: While on the CoinTracking website, please go to Enter Coins tab > Overview & Manual Import.

STEP 2: Scroll down and click ‘Set custom prices’. You will be taken to the relevant page, where you can manually overwrite existing coin prices with custom prices.


STEP 3: Now, you can manually type in a custom price. You will need to untick the ‘Best Price’ (which is pulled in from the Exchange) box and click ‘update’.



Once you do that, the Summary will be updated with a new calculation, according to the price you have set.