CoinTracking CSV reports - Import & Export Walkthrough

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Please note: The API functionality which enables automated trade data imports into the CoinTracking platform is available only to users with active CoinTracking Pro, Expert or Unlimited accounts.

Free CoinTracking account users can manage their trade data reports with the manual CSV Export/Import Statement import function, as described in the “How to import the Kinesis CSV account statement to the CoinTracking platform?” section of this guide.

How to Export a CSV file from your Kinesis account?

Kinesis users can manually export their trade data for a specified period in a CSV format, compatible with the CoinTracking platform, from the Recent Transactions in the Assets tab or directly from the Kinesis Exchange tab.

CSV export functionality on the Kinesis dashboard:

STEP 1: You can locate the Export Statement option by clicking the balance widget on the Kinesis Dashboard in the Portfolio section. 


STEP 2: A pop-up with supported Statement Types will be displayed: 

Transactions - Holdings - Account Balance - CoinTracking Account balance. 

Click on the ‘CoinTracking Account balance’ statement option and then click the ‘Export results’ button to download the CSV format file.


Alternatively, you can find the 'CoinTracking Account balance' option in the 'Exchange' hub, by accessing the 'Transactions' tab and opening up the right-side ellipsis menu icon.


You can also locate this function from the Asset tab, and by opening up the right-side ellipsis menu.


STEP 3: From there, you'll be able to select the statement type and the currency you wish to report.

Simply click "Export" to have your trade data report automatically created and downloaded.

You can then easily import your downloaded CSV file into the CoinTracking platform, by following the steps outlined below.

How to import your CSV statement to the CoinTracking platform?


STEP 1: While logged into the CoinTracking website, go to the 'Enter Coins' tab and find Kinesis.

Alternatively, you can scroll down the ‘Enter Coins' tab to find the Kinesis logo, then click the icon to enter the dedicated Kinesis CSV page on the CoinTracking platform. You can also access it under this link.


STEP 2: On the dedicated Kinesis CSV Import page, you can find the list of specific instructions on how to Export the CSV file from the Kinesis platform and import it into your CoinTracking account.

If you have already exported the CSV trade data report from your Kinesis account, you can simply drag it and drop it into the designated box on the page, then click the ‘Continue to import’ button.

csv manual import.jpg


STEP 3: On the next page, you can review your transactions for duplicates or missing trades. Once you have verified that all your trades are listed correctly, click ‘Start Import’. 

All done - your CVS import is now ready!




STEP 1: While logged into the CoinTracking website, go to the “Enter Coins” tab > and scroll down to find the CSV Import in the ‘Other’ section at the bottom of the available options.


STEP 2: You will be taken to the CSV Import page, from where you can simply upload your Account Statement file you have earlier exported from the Kinesis Exchange dashboard.


STEP 3: From there, you can check if your trades are correct and then start migrating the trade information into CoinTracking by clicking the ‘Start import’ button, allowing you to easily generate your trade data report.



STEP 4: On the next page you can review your transactions for duplicates or missing trades.

Import information:

  • You can use the following types in the 'Type' column: Trade, Deposit, Withdrawal, Income, Mining, Gift/Tip, Spend, Donation, Gift, Stolen, Lost.
  • There is no trade limit. You can include as many transactions as you want. But for a faster import, we recommend splitting up files with more than 5000 transactions into multiple files
  • Fees, exchanges, trade groups and comments are optional and will be listed on the Enter Coins page.
  • Don't use semicolons (;) in the Excel file.
  •  If you want to import the exported file into another CoinTracking account, make sure both accounts use the same language.

Once you have verified that all your trades are listed correctly, click ‘Start Import’. 

All done - your CVS import is now ready!