What if I lose my phone or am unable to access my 2FA?

  • Updated

In the case of a lost device containing your 2FA, please follow these three steps below to reset your 2FA:

  1. You must contact support@kinesis.money The subject must contain your full Kinesis account name along with the phrase "2FA Reset".

Example: John Smith 2FA Reset.

    • The email must be sent from the verified email address on which you have registered your Kinesis account. We will not accept or reply to reset 2FA requests from email addresses unrelated to the account on which the action is being requested.

       2. You must attach the following documents to the email:

    • A selfie picture of you holding a piece of paper with the words “Kinesis 2FA Reset”, today's date and your Kinesis email address (the email address used to log in to your account) handwritten on it. Each account owner / corporate director must supply an individual selfie picture.
    • A scanned image of a government-issued photo ID for each account owner / corporate director.     

3. On receipt of the email and documents, the Kinesis compliance team will review them in a timely manner. If you pass the identity check, the Kinesis team will advise you that we will be resetting your 2FA in 48 hours, which will then be confirmed via your verified linked email once the process is completed.

If further documentation is required to verify your identity, the Kinesis team will be in touch with the specific requirements.

The 48 hours waiting period is an additional security measure that is highly recommended for all Kinesis users to adhere to. However, if you still wish to speed up the process, an immediate 2FA reset via video call is also possible. Please contact your account executive or contact our dedicated customer support via our 24/7 live chat for more information.