How do I purchase with Kinesis Pay?

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For Purchaser:

The Kinesis Pay feature enables Kinesis users to instantly and effortlessly use their KAU and KAG as payment methods while shopping online. 

Simply select Kinesis Pay on the Merchant’s website and then approve the transaction via mobile or desktop, to get your payment in gold and silver instantly delivered straight to the recipient’s account - all without the need to enter card details.



Mobile: Scan the generated QR code with your mobile phone, then complete your purchase by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button. 

Desktop: Copy the payment ID number from the Merchant’s website to your Kinesis account to process the transaction.



Alternatively, you can choose the 'Continue in Browser' link, located under the QR code on the Merchant’s website, to which you will be redirected the Kinesis account to complete the payment. 

The ‘Kinesis Pay’ function can be found in the waffle menu, located in the top right corner of the Kinesis account.