For Merchants: How do I use Kinesis Pay?

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For Merchant:

The Kinesis Pay feature enables easy and convenient integration of Kinesis’ bespoke payment technology with any merchant’s website. Whether your business is big or small, you can now effortlessly plug it into the Kinesis monetary system payment rail and create a Merchant profile, allowing your customers to pay in KAU and KAG for your products or services.


Navigating the Kinesis Pay Merchant Dashboard

Every system user can create their own Kinesis Pay merchant profile for their business. Simply download the Kinesis Pay SDK plug-in, located at the top right of your dedicated Kinesis Pay Merchant Dashboard (available for all users) and then install it on your business website.



Please keep in mind that currently the Kinesis Pay SDK Plugin is only supported on WooCommerce platforms, such as WordPress.

From there, you can easily navigate and manage their selling activity, allowing you to track your:

  • Total sales 
  • Total orders
  • Total order value
  • View your merchant performance over time on the dashboard