For Merchant: A guide to Kinesis Pay QR code payments in gold and silver

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With Kinesis Pay QR code payments, system users can make in-store purchases in physical gold and silver, simply by scanning a printed QR code at the check-out with their mobile device.

Scanning barcodes is fully touch-free and cash-free, and requires no additional steps for a client to set up, which also makes it one of the fastest, most responsive and simplest ways to transact.

All the purchaser has to do is open the barcode reader within their Kinesis Mobile App and place it towards the Kinesis Pay QR code, which will immediately identify it and display the payment screen. Then the purchaser has just to type in the amount in the selected currency and tap on the screen to finish the transaction.

Please keep in mind that both the purchaser and the merchant must have fully KYC-verified Kinesis accounts to transact in gold and silver with Kinesis Pay. 


Where can I get the printable Kinesis Pay QR codes?

Step 1: You can easily locate the QR code download link within the Merchant’s dashboard of your Kinesis account, just next to the SDK plug-in download link. The QR code download feature is accessible on desktop devices.

These QR codes are auto-generated by Kinesis using their Merchant information, to create a unique Merchant ID for each seller.



Step 2: From there, you can also preview your unique QR code prior to printing, by clicking the ‘View QR’ button.

As you click ‘Download’, a pop-up window will appear, where you can personalise your printable display sign prior to saving it as a PDF on your device.


Step 3: Now simply print your unique Kinesis Pay QR code and place it anywhere in your physical shop in a visible location. We recommend that you place the stand with the Kinesis QR code by the till or at the window display.

You are now fully set up! 

Your clients can now simply scan the QR code and enter the amount they wish to pay, to make the purchases in physical gold or silver.