How to make in-store QR code payments with Kinesis Pay?

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How to make in-store QR code payments with Kinesis Pay?

With Kinesis Pay QR code payments, system users can make in-store purchases in physical gold and silver, simply by scanning a printed QR code at the check-out with their mobile device.

Scanning barcodes is fully touch-free and cash-free, and requires no additional steps for a client to set up, which also makes it one of the fastest, most responsive and simplest ways to transact.

Please keep in mind that both the purchaser and the merchant must have fully KYC-verified Kinesis accounts to transact in gold and silver with Kinesis Pay. 


Step 1: Log into the Kinesis App on your smartphone and open the QR code reader by pressing the icon located at the top right corner of your home screen. Place it towards the physical Kinesis Pay QR code, which will immediately identify your account and open the payment screen. 


Alternatively, you can choose to scan the QR code via 3rd party barcode scanner application. For this, you might simply open the camera on your phone or scan it directly from within the application. This will open up a redirect to your Kinesis platform login page.


Step 2: From within the Kinesis App, manually enter the exact transaction amount in fiat currency then select the precious metal you prefer to liquidate (KAU or KAG). You will be able to immediately preview the amount of Kinesis gold and silver you’re about to spend.  

Step 3: Review the payment and press ‘Send payment’ to approve the transaction.

At this point, you might be required to confirm your identity either via Face ID or touch recognition. If you don’t have them set up, you’ll need to enter your 2FA code sent to your phone via SMS.

All done! Now you can enjoy your new purchase.