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How do I set up Kinesis Pay as a merchant?

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How to plug in Kinesis Pay to my business?



Step 1: Click the Merchant option at your Kinesis account’s left-side navigation bar to access the dedicated Kinesis Pay Merchant Dashboard (available for all users, Individual and Business).

Step 2: You will be asked to confirm your KYC and 2FA verification status and then walked through the quick and simple onboarding process.



During the onboarding process, you will be asked to provide:

  • your Business name,
  • your Business information, such as the type of business,
  • your Business website address.



Step 3: After logging into your Kinesis Pay Merchant Dashboard, simply click the ‘Download SDK’ button to open up the Kinesis GitHub page from where you can download the "Kinesis Pay WooCommerce" SDK file onto your desktop.



You will then need to install this file onto your online merchant website.

Currently, the Kinesis Pay plug-in is only supported on WooCommerce platforms, such as WordPress.

Merchants will need to generate their unique set of Merchant API Keys, which can be found on the Kinesis platform dashboard. 

For further information, Merchants can find instructions on how to use the Kinesis Pay WooCommerce SDK plug-in in the file titled ‘README’ included in the download. 


What does SDK stand for?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit, also known as the dev-kit is a set of software-building tools designed for a specific platform to serve a specific operational purpose.

Regarding Kinesis Pay, it is a downloadable plugin which automatically connects you to Kinesis technology, allowing your business, big or small, to receive payments in gold and silver for the products or services offered on your website.