Can I earn the Referrer’s Yield by sending funds via email?

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Yes. Thanks to the send-to-email feature, which enables the sending of gold and silver, KVT and crypto with only the email address of the recipient required, Kinesis account holders are able to invite new users onto the Kinesis platform, making the sender automatically eligible to receive the Referrer’s Yield. 

With the ‘send-to-email’ functionality, system participants can transfer any digital asset available on the platform, including Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG), and Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) to friends, family or business associates outside of the Kinesis Monetary System.

Accessible on Kinesis desktop and mobile applications, the ‘send-to-email’ feature provides a streamlined payment option for all Kinesis users.


How does enrolling a new referee via ‘send-to-email’ work?

Your potential referee will get an email notification with details of the transaction and any message input from the sender. In this email, they will also learn how to open an account with Kinesis in order to validate their email address.

To claim crypto funds via the ‘send-to-email’ function, the receiver will need to sign up on the Kinesis platform and create an account. They will also need to verify the email address that the sender is directing crypto funds to in order to accept them. 

If a recipient, who did not previously hold a Kinesis account, accepts the funds and creates an account, the sender automatically becomes eligible for the Referrer’s Yield.


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