Referrer's Yield - Everything You Need to Know

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What is Referrer's Yield and how can I start earning it?  

The Referrer’s Yield is designed to reward Kinesis users for inviting new participants into Kinesis, by rewarding referrers with a lifelong revenue share of each fee taken on every single transaction their referees make, every month, on every transaction that is made.

In order to be eligible for the Referrer’s Yield, all you need to do is introduce your friends, family members, or even businesses to Kinesis, by sharing your unique referral link with them. You’re then automatically entitled to 7.5% of all their transactional fees, accumulated from their trading, sending and spending of KAU and KAG, as well as all other fiat and cryptocurrencies available within the Kinesis Monetary System, as long as your referees remain active.


Who can become a referrer/referee?  

To encourage adoption and use, Kinesis has created one of the world’s best flat-fee referral programs, providing an attractive incentive to bring entire communities, countries and governments into the system of using gold and silver as money, once again.

Becoming a referrer simply means that you refer an individual or business to join Kinesis, creating an earning opportunity for everyone involved.

This can be:

  • a private individual referring friends or family 
  • someone wanting to establish a business to refer investors/users to Kinesis
  • an online influencer, online marketer or affiliate
  • a person or business wanting to refer other businesses or broker/dealer operations in
  • a pre-established business wanting to enrol its clients into the Kinesis system


How many people can I refer to Kinesis?  

There is no limit to how many people or businesses you can refer. In fact, the more new users you introduce to Kinesis, the greater the Referrer’s Yield you can generate. Every new system participant added to your referral network will in turn incentivise transactional velocity within the system and allow you to earn a bigger yield. 


Do I have to be an active user in order to be eligible for the Referrer’s Yield? 

No. The Referrer’s Yield does not require you to have any balance on your Kinesis account. Your Referrer’s Yield is determined exclusively by your referees’ transactional activity, even if you are not an active Kinesis user yourself. 

However, your account must be fully KYC-verified and not suspended to continue receiving yields.


Is there a minimum volume my referees have to transact for me to qualify for the Referrer’s Yield?  

No, there is no minimum transactional volume requirement, as long as your referees remain active. You will receive a 7.5% share of every transaction (trading, sending and spending) your referee has made throughout the month.


What is the Referrer’s Yield paid in?  

All transaction fees generated by your referrer, in crypto and fiat currencies, are converted into KAU and KAG proportionally distributed (50:50) at the end of the day. 

  • You will receive a yield in gold and silver (50:50) ) on all public (not native to Kinesis) crypto assets, available on the Kinesis Exchange, transacted by your referee. 
  • You will also receive a yield in gold on all Kinesis gold (KAU) and a yield in silver on all Kinesis silver (KAG) transacted by your referee.


Where and how often will I get paid?  

All activated yields are paid monthly, in the first week of each following month, for all yields accrued in the previous month.

Your earned yield will be paid into your Kinesis KAU and KAG accounts. You can keep track of your yield via the Yields dashboard on the Kinesis platform. 

Additionally, you can track the total number of your referees, generated fees and total activity breakdown for each referee, via the Refer dashboard on the Kinesis platform. 


Where can I find my unique referral link on my Kinesis account?

Every Kinesis user is automatically provided with a unique referral link once joining. You can easily locate it on the left-side navigation panel of your Kinesis account, in the Refer section. You can also email your unique referral link to your prospective referees straight from there, or share your referral link via social media.