How do I send and receive currencies?

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All Kinesis native currencies, cryptocurrencies and fiat can be bought and sold on the Kinesis Exchange or via the BUY/SELL widget on the main Kinesis dashboard. The Kinesis platform can be accessed for trading on both the Web Application and via Mobile App after logging in. 

Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG, can also be bought via the Kinesis Mint.

* Users must fully KYC-verify their accounts to buy and sell through on the Kinesis platform.

* The Kinesis Mobile App is now available for both iOS and Android devices.


SENDING Currencies:

You'll need to get the beneficiary's preferred receiving address. This might be their account address within the Kinesis platform or their software or hardware wallet. These addresses are specific to each currency.

* To avoid mistakes, it is best to communicate the address electronically (email, SMS, webpage etc) rather than manually typing it.

A convenient alternative, for Kinesis Mobile App users, is to scan a QR code representation of their address. Unless they send you this or have it displayed on a webpage, you will need to scan their device to do this.

RECEIVING Currencies:

Users can deposit cryptocurrencies directly into their Kinesis account, which can then be used for sending, storage and trading on the Kinesis Exchange. 

Watch this easy-to-follow YouTube walkthrough tutorial, providing a step-by-step guide on how to use the Kinesis Platform, including how to send and receive cryptocurrencies and much more.

For a brief Kinesis platform overview, click here.

Please note: The KAU and KAG addresses in your account are different, so be careful to send your cryptocurrencies to the correct address.

If KAU is sent to your KAG address (or KAG to your KAU address), we will not be able to add it to your Virtual Balance. Your Virtual Balance will only be updated when KAU enters your KAU Deposit Address or when KAG enters your KAG Deposit Address.