I own physical gold and silver bullion. Can I convert it to KAU and KAG?

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You can convert your physical gold or silver bullion into Kinesis KAU or KAG, through the process of digitalisation. We call it the EPD (Exchange Physical for Digital) process.

This process enables you to store 1:1 allocated precious metals in our vaults, free of charge while also having the opportunity to spend, send and transact your gold and silver as money. 

If you have eligible existing bullion holdings at an ABX-approved location (subject to conditions within the ABX Quality Assurance Framework), you can exchange that physical metal for Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies.

There are many benefits to bringing your precious metals into the Kinesis Monetary System, such as earning fee-sharing yields on your physical precious metal, as well as the ability to spend and send your digital gold/silver instantaneously, anywhere in the world, all while taking advantage of ZERO storage fees.

Find out how to convert your bullion in the EPD process with our step-by-step guide.

For further information on EPD (Exchange Physical for Digital) including the ABX Quality Assurance Framework Standard, please visit our dedicated page here or read the article further explaining EPD here.

You can also find EPD (coins & bars) requirements here.

If you have any queries regarding EPD, you can contact us via our live chat, available 24/7 or email support@kinesis.money.