Kinesis Wallet - What you need to know

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The Kinesis Wallet is an accompanying bespoke e-wallet designed to seamlessly and effortlessly manage and transact with all Kinesis currencies in a single convenient application. The Kinesis Wallet presents a single, easy-to-use interface where a user can view all their Kinesis holdings in one place.


How do I send or receive currencies in my wallet?

Provide your wallet KAU/KAG address to the person sending you the funds.
Within seconds of them sending KAU or KAG, you should be able to see the received funds reflected in your wallet balance and history.

* Please note that only Kinesis gold and silver currencies (KAU & KAG) are supported within the wallets.


Are yields paid to my Wallet or my Kinesis account?

All Kinesis yields are paid monthly to your KAU and KAG accounts within the Assets tab on the Kinesis platform.

This is done regardless of whether you hold your balances in an external wallet.


Is the wallet an off-chain solution?

No, the Kinesis Wallet is an on-chain wallet, this is required to enable the correct calculation and distribution of yields.

Currently, currency accounts are the only off-chain solution within the Kinesis platform.


Can I use the Kinesis Wallet on multiple computers?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to import your Wallet on each new device and browser which will require your recovery phrase. Be aware that clearing your device cache will require you to re-import your wallet using the recovery phrase.


Can I send Kinesis currencies to an external wallet?

The Kinesis Wallet and accounts have been expertly crafted to house Kinesis currencies (KAU & KAG). 

Users are able to transfer Kinesis currencies between multiple Kinesis Wallets that they may have, e.g. to the standalone e-wallet or the CoolWallet S or Pro.

These still hold balances on the Kinesis blockchain and therefore can be incorporated into the yield calculations.

Additionally, users may also send their Kinesis currencies to external exchanges that have listed KAU & KAG.


Can I move my Kinesis Wallet from one computer to another?

Yes. To move your Kinesis Wallet from one computer to another, log into your Kinesis account and go to the 'Wallet' section, by opening a drop-down menu located in the top right corner of your main dashboard. 

From there, you can import your existing wallet by following the steps on how to achieve this. Please note you will need your seed phrase (12-word recovery phrase) to import an existing wallet.