Kinesis Pay - Refunds

  • Updated

Currently, the Kinesis Pay refund process happens externally to the Kinesis Monetary System and has to be processed manually by the merchant. However, more automated Kinesis Pay functionalities are to be expected in the near future.

To request a refund, the customer is required to contact the seller directly, either by email or through the merchant's website. To receive a refund, the customer has to share their KAU or KAG address on which the refund will be manually credited by the merchant, who is also responsible for covering the transaction fees.

It is up to the merchant to decide whether to refund the full amount or less, based on their website policy.


A customer’s purchase totalled $100.45 ($100 product and a 0.45% transaction fee) worth of KAU. If a customer requests a refund and the merchant wishes to refund the entire amount, then the merchant will have to:

  • Use the Kinesis SEND feature on the Kinesis dashboard.
  • Enter the full refund amount ($100.45 worth of KAU).
  • Enter the customer's KAU/KAG deposit address.

The $100.45 amount of KAU will be credited back to the user, with the merchant covering the 0.45% transaction fee.


Kinesis takes no responsibility for the merchant's business and is not involved in the standard refund process. This means that standard returns, change of mind or faulty products are the merchant’s sole responsibility and are processed in line with the merchant’s business customer policy.

Kinesis’ customer support will only step in if there is a clear breach of the Kinesis customer policy and security conditions as well as the Kinesis Pay Terms and Conditions and security, such as suspected fraudulent activity.