How is my Velocity Yield calculated?

  • Updated

The Velocity Yield is calculated monthly (using an end-of-day balance) from the total eligible trading and spending fees, for any given month, accumulated by all system participants. 

The specific transaction fees that are included to build up that total are:

  • All KAU and KAG Kinesis card spending transactions (0.22%)
  • All buying and selling (trades) of KAU and KAG pairs at the Kinesis Exchange (0.22%)
  • All buying and selling of KAU and KAG with BUY or SELL widget on the Kinesis Dashboard (0.22%)

10%** of all these fees are collected and distributed back to all eligible Kinesis users, a proportionate share of which is then paid to you as the Velocity Yield. This includes newly minted KAU and KAG coins, activated by selling them on the Kinesis Exchange.

(10% of Master Fee Pool x User’s Transactional Velocity / Total Transactional KAU & KAG Volume for any given month.)

Please note that all KAU and KAG sending activities (on-chain/ blockchain transactions) between accounts or in/out of the Kinesis Monetary System are not eligible for the Velocity Yield.