How to use the Kinesis Virtual Card

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In this video, our Senior Account Executive Jack shows how to make purchases with gold, silver and crypto, using your Kinesis Virtual Card. Jack walks you through the dedicated Virtual Card tab, explaining how to navigate through different available functionalities on the Kinesis platform.

You can also find out how to set up your currency preference and how to secure your card with the 2-Factor Authentication feature.


The ‘Virtual card’ tab, from which you can view and manage all your Kinesis Virtual Card activity, can be accessed by tapping the card icon on the navigation bar menu, located at the bottom of your Kinesis mobile app home screen, or on the left-side navigation bar menu on your desktop device.

From there, simply choose the appropriate option to pay or transfer funds with your virtual card. You can also view and manage cardholder details, your card balance, and transaction history.

The Kinesis card, available for all UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Oceania and Latin America residents, allows you to spend gold, silver and crypto in real-time with instant conversion to your fiat currency, wherever you are.