How to sign an Ethereum message using the Kinesis CoolWallet

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Step 1: Visit: 

Step 2: Scroll down and select to connect with "WalletConnect"



Step 3: Click "Access Wallet"



Step 4: A QR Code will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Open your CoolWallet application on your phone, navigate to "Marketplace" then scroll down to find and click on "WalletConnect".



Step 6: Click "Scan QR Code" on your phone, which will open a camera. Use the camera to scan the QR Code described in "Step 4" above.

Next, Click "Select Address" on your phone and select the address that you would like to prove ownership of, then click "Done".


Step 7: Click "Confirm" on your phone and you will be shown a confirmation message that you are connected to the Binance DEX.

You may need to wait up to 1min for the QR code to disappear from your computer screen. If the QR Code does not disappear from your computer screen, click "Disconnect from WalletConnect" on your phone, then close and restart the CoolWallet application on your phone and refresh the webpage on your computer to re-attempt the steps above.


Step 8: Paste your Kinesis HIN number into the message box, then click "Sign Message".

Your HIN number, also known as the Kinesis Payment Reference, (starting with KM followed by 8 digits, eg KM12345678) is a number the Kinesis team uses to identify your account on the Kinesis platform.


Step 9: A "Deal Summary" message will appear on your CoolWallet application on your phone. Click "Confirm" and follow any security prompts. You will be prompted to switch on your CoolWallet S or Pro if you haven't yet done so (ensure you have Bluetooth turned on on your phone).


Step 10: A "Confirm Deal Summary" message will be displayed on your phone and the word "Eth" will be displayed on the physical hardware device.
Press the physical button on your CoolWallet. The word "MESSAGE" will then be displayed on the physical hardware wallet device. Press the physical button on the CoolWallet to proceed and press it again to confirm and sign the message.


Step 11: A "Signature" box will appear after you confirm on your CoolWallet hardware device. Click on the "Copy Signature" button at the top-right of this box.