How to transfer KVT to a hardware wallet?

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If you want to control the private keys to the address where your Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVT) are stored, then you can use a hardware wallet. This could include the CoolWallet S or Pro, Ledger, Trezor or any other hardware wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.

If you'd prefer Kinesis to hold the keys, then you can leave your KVT in your Kinesis account.

*The following notes describe the general process, which will vary slightly depending on which hardware wallet you use.

Step 1. Copy an Ethereum address from your hardware wallet to which you want to send the KVT.
- The CoolBitX phone app will be used for the CoolWallet.
- For Ledger and Trezor, you may find MyCrypto, Metamask or MEW useful as a screen interface. The Ledger Live app will not currently show KVT.

Step 2. You will need sufficient Ethereum (ETH) in your Kinesis ETH account to fund the KVT withdrawal.

The KVT withdrawal fee is currently 0.01 ETH. You can double-check on the fees page. This covers one or multiple KVTs.

Step 3. From the Kinesis dashboard, choose Send, then select KVT from the currency list.
Paste in the destination Ethereum address from your Ledger.
You have the option to save that as a contact.

It will take several minutes for the transfer to complete.
You can check the progress of the transfer using an Ethereum explorer, such as or  You will need to click on the transaction within your Kinesis account and copy the transaction ID, then use it to search in one of the explorers above.


How to view the KVT via MyCrypto, Metamask or MEW?

To view the KVT via MyCrypto, Metamask or MEW, you'll need to add KVT as a custom token using the following details:

  • Symbol -  KVT
  • Contract address - 0x3a859b9ea4998d344547283c7ce8ebc4abb77656
  • Decimals - 0

You can also do the same for the CoolWallet. This Kinesis community video demonstrates adding KVT as a token.