How to purchase currencies on the exchange using the Kinesis mobile app

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Step 1: Log into your Kinesis account




Step 2: Ensure you have funds in your account and press the “Exchange” button in the footer.




Step 3: Click the tile of the pair you wish to trade. In this case, KAU/USD. 
Please note: You can also trade using cryptocurrencies as well as other fiat options.   




Step 4: The market chart will be displayed and you will have the option to make a buy order or sell order. In this case, we will be placing a buy order.




Step 5: Enter the amount of KAUs you wish to purchase, in this case, we are setting a market order, therefore the price is determined by the market. 

Once you are happy with your selected quantity of KAU press the “Place buy order” button.

Please note: You also have the ability to make a limit order. 




Step 6: Click "Confirm" to accept your purchase at the rate displayed. 




Step 7: You can review your open, filled and cancelled orders on the “Orders” screen.