Minimising your fiat deposit costs

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For non-USD holders:

You can easily deposit currencies onto the Kinesis platform, using SWIFT or domestic wire transfers.

As the year progresses, Kinesis will continue to expand fiat on-ramping solutions, with enhanced British Pound (£) and Euro (€) depositing options to follow.


For USD holders:

ACH transfers are available for all US dollar depositors.  

There are two elements to the cost of the transfer:

  • The fixed charge that the sending institution makes (banks, TransferWise, Revolut etc.)
  • The exchange rate that you get.

The conversion is done using the mid-rate plus a loading fee just before the funds are sent to your Kinesis USD account.

Typically, a UK bank will make a £11-19 fixed change and then apply a 2.75% loading fee to the mid-rate for GBP/USD.

You can avoid these additional charges by using a company like Transferwise to do the conversion and send the international transfer. 

If you are going to use Transferwise to convert your currency to USD, then you'll need to select USD as your destination currency.

If you need a breakdown of the Address, these are the components:

  • Street: Level 3, 10 Market Street
  • City: Brisbane
  • State: QLD (=Queensland)
  • Post or Zip: 4000

Deposit your fiat and crypto funds to the Kinesis platform with our step-by-step guide, here.

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