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What blockchain can I use to deposit ERC-20 tokens to Kinesis?

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Although each cryptocurrency listed on the Kinesis platform runs on its own blockchain network, Kinesis only supports Ethereum (ERC-20) network transactions when depositing ERC-20 tokens, such as ETH, USDT and USDC onto the platform.

Other networks supporting ERC-20 tokens are currently not supported on the Kinesis platform and will incur costly fees if assets are deposited using these other blockchains.

To avoid additional fees, please only use the Ethereum blockchain when depositing cryptocurrencies to the Kinesis platform.

Watch our short video walkthrough to find out more about the supported blockchain networks on the Kinesis platform. 


Will I get charged extra for depositing ERC-20 tokens from blockchains other than Ethereum?

Depositing ERC-20 tokens from other blockchains, such as Solana, Polygon and Binance Chain, will result in the loss of your assets. 

Additionally, to retrieve the funds, the user will incur a 5 KAU fee. 

To avoid additional fees and ensure a successful deposit, please only use the Ethereum blockchain when depositing ERC-20 assets to the Kinesis platform.