Protection and Security

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Am I protected against fraud while using my Kinesis card?  

Yes. All virtual card transactions are executed via a direct, secured API connection between Kinesis and the card services provider, harnessing the robust payment rail of the global Mastercard payment network.

Both Kinesis’ card provider (Baanx) and network provider (Mastercard) services are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under UK FCA laws, with Baanx additionally providing protection and insurance for all crypto assets transacted with the card.


Customer Personal details

Kinesis will never ask a cardholder for personal or account information unless it’s part of the KYC verification process. We strongly advise all our users to safeguard their personal information and refrain from responding to any emails or messages that appear suspicious.

If you have experienced any suspicious activity or have received an email that might be a phishing attempt, please report it to our support immediately at or through the live support chat, available 24/7.


What should I do if my mobile device containing the virtual card, has been lost or stolen?  

If your mobile phone or any other device containing your virtual Kinesis card has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at or through the live support chat, available 24/7.

You can also block your card using the ‘Freeze card temporarily’ option, using your desktop computer or mobile app. To do so, please go to your Kinesis account profile, choose the ‘Kinesis Card’ option and simply click ‘Freeze Card’.