Kinesis Virtual Card fees & limits

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Global Kinesis Virtual Card transaction Fees

Is my Kinesis Virtual Card free?

You can apply for your global Kinesis Virtual Card free of charge. There is no sign-up,  cancellation or monthly maintenance fee. There are no depositing or top-up fees either. No costs are associated with owning or maintaining the card or any of your Kinesis accounts.


What are the fees for spending or sending money?

1.95% transaction (load) fee

A 1.95% transaction fee is charged whenever you spend with your Kinesis Virtual Card. 

This fee is also charged whenever you withdraw your money from the contactless ATM.

Kinesis has opted to pay back 100% of Kinesis’ share of the transaction fee (0.95%) into the Kinesis yield pool, which will be distributed back to users in gold and silver, each month. Our card provider will charge a 1% fee per transaction. This fee does not benefit Kinesis.


FX conversion fee

The default global Kinesis Virtual Card currency is EURO. Whenever you transact in any other currency, a global FX conversion fee will be additionally charged by Mastercard. This fee does not benefit Kinesis.


0.22% trade execution fee (whenever transacting in crypto)

The additional trade-execution 0.22% fee is charged when cryptocurrencies are being transacted on the Kinesis Exchange during conversion online, or at the physical point of sale. For example, if you buy a coffee using your Bitcoin balance, Bitcoin will be sold at the exchange marketplace against the USD (the default Kinesis Exchange currency) to acquire the fiat amount necessary to cover the transaction placed at said coffee shop. 

All money from this fee will be sent back to the Master Fee Pool and redistributed back to Kinesis cardholders in the form of a Velocity yield and a Referrer’s yield.

You can find all Kinesis Virtual Card fees listed on our fees page


Will I get charged extra for using my card abroad?

Whenever transacting between different currencies, eg. while using your card abroad, you will be charged a Forex currency conversion fee, in line with Mastercard’s real exchange rate. This charge does not benefit Kinesis.


Global Kinesis Virtual Card Limits

Is there a limit to how much money I can put on my card?

There is no limit. Your card is directly linked to your Kinesis account, which has no maximum limit itself. There is also no maximum limit for depositing into your account.


Is there a limit to how much money I can spend or withdraw?

ATM withdrawals:

€2000- maximum single transaction

5 -  maximum number of daily transactions

€2000 - total daily limit


Retail Transactions:

€15,000 - maximum single transaction

20 - maximum number of daily transactions

€15,000 - total daily limit


€15,000 - Overall Total Daily Amount

€15,000 - Daily Load Limit