Using your Kinesis Virtual Card

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Where is my Kinesis Virtual Card located and how to use it? 

The ‘Virtual card’ tab, from which you can view and manage all your Kinesis Virtual Card activity, can be accessed by tapping the card icon on the navigation bar menu, located at the bottom of your Kinesis mobile app home screen, or on the left-side navigation bar menu on your desktop device.

From there, simply choose the appropriate option to pay or transfer funds with your virtual card. You can also view and manage cardholder details, your card balance, and transaction history.

Find out more about how to use the Kinesis Virtual Card in our short video walkthrough.


Do I need to manually top up my Kinesis Virtual Card? 

No. Your global Kinesis Virtual Card is directly linked to your Kinesis Individual account, which means that you don’t need to top up your card as long as you have funds in your Kinesis account. 


Deposits and Withdrawals with the Kinesis Virtual Card.

The Kinesis Virtual Card is linked to your Kinesis individual account, which enables fast withdrawals, free of charge. Cardholders do not need to deposit or top-up their cards, as funds are directly withdrawn from their Kinesis account at the moment of purchase. 


Kinesis cardholders can deposit funds into their Kinesis accounts domestically or internationally, through a variety of methods available on the Kinesis platform. Funds can then be instantly sent or spent with the Kinesis card globally, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.


Kinesis cardholders can send and spend in Kinesis gold, Kinesis silver, and all cryptocurrencies (with the exception of KVT and DASH) available on the Kinesis platform.

Users can easily set up up to 5 currencies in the order of preference, using a ‘card preference’ widget located in the ‘Virtual card’ section of their Kinesis account. Assets are automatically liquidated against the USD on the exchange at the moment of transaction, then converted to local fiat currency, enabling users to instantly pay or withdraw funds with their card, wherever they are.


Online card transfers to/outside of your Kinesis account. 

You can easily transfer funds between your Kinesis Virtual Card and your external Kinesis wallet or any bank, just like you would transfer them with a regular card. The Kinesis Virtual Card has a number, security code, and expiration date just like a physical card -  they are just stored virtually in your Kinesis mobile app.

You can manage your card transactions by logging into your Kinesis account, via desktop or mobile app. While logged in, all you need to do is to select the ‘Virtual card’ hub, located on the left-side navigation bar, and choose the relevant option. 


How can I access my card balance and transaction history?

Whenever you pay with your card, all details of your transaction are stored online, including the date, location, currency, and the amount you have spent or sent. All this information can be found in the ‘Virtual card’ tab of your Kinesis account as an online statement, which can be easily exported as a downloadable file. 


How will I get notified about a transaction being processed? 

Confirmation of each transaction is sent directly to your registered email address, with the transaction invoice attached to the email. This document includes all details of your transaction, including transaction ID, date, currency, and the amount you have spent or sent.

Additionally, the transaction history can be accessed online in the ‘Virtual card’ section of your Kinesis account or through the mobile app. 


Can I use my card to make regular payments, such as monthly subscriptions? 

You can use your global Kinesis Virtual Card just as you use a normal card, but with the added benefit of transacting in multiple assets (KAU, KAG or crypto), only converted to local fiat currency at the exact moment of transaction. 

This makes the Kinesis Virtual Card highly versatile, allowing you to manage your money however you choose.

The option to set up regular, recurring payments with Kinesis will be available soon - we will notify users when that happens.


My default currency card balance won't cover my purchase amount. But I have other assets - can I use them instead? 

Yes. You can pay with your card using gold silver or any cryptocurrency available on the Kinesis platform (with the exception of KVT and DASH) after setting up your order of currency preference, using the designated widget within your Kinesis account’s ‘Virtual card’ tab. 

This means that whenever you run out of your default currency, the second currency choice will be used to cover your transaction. You can set up to 5 currencies using the ‘preference order’ widget.


Can I get cashback, refund or withdraw money with my card?

You cannot withdraw money, get cashback or withdraw money from an ATM with the virtual card; it can only be used for online transactions and in-store payments.


Your refunds will be processed in 1-2 business days. You will receive the full transacted amount, including all fees. You will receive your refund in USD.


Can I use my card to shop online? 

Yes. You can use your Kinesis Virtual Card to shop online, just as you would use your regular card. 


Can I use my card to shop over the phone or by mail order? 

Unfortunately, No. Kinesis will notify users when this functionality is enabled.


How can I freeze my virtual card? 

You can freeze your card through the Kinesis Mobile app. To do so, go to your Kinesis account profile in the app. Choose the ‘Kinesis Card’ option and simply click ‘Freeze Card’.