Problems with the Kinesis Virtual Card

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My Kinesis Virtual Card is not working/ has been declined. What should I do? 

Please review the failed transaction in your Kinesis app for more accurate information about your payment. The most common causes of contactless payments being declined are:


You have exceeded your daily transaction limit

Your daily virtual card limit is €15000 and it can't be reset. You can find out more about the Kinesis Virtual Card fees and limits on our fees page.


You have run out of all funds on your Kinesis account

Learn more about depositing into your Kinesis account in our walkthrough guide.


The terminal does not support contactless payments

Please double-check that the terminal you are paying at supports contactless payments. Transactions can also be declined due to connection issues.


What if I don't agree with my Kinesis card statement or find a transaction I don’t recognize? 

If you don’t agree with a payment amount/ transaction on your Kinesis statement, or find a transaction you do not recognise, please contact us immediately at or through the live support chat, available 24/7.

You can also block your card using the ‘Freeze Card’ option, via the app. To do so, please go to your Kinesis account profile in the app. Choose the ‘Kinesis Card’ option and simply click ‘Freeze Card’.