Linking the Kinesis Virtual Card to Google Wallet

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Important: Google Wallet (previously Google Pay), also known as G-Pay or simply “Wallet”, is a digital wallet platform available for Android and Wear OS operating systems. Google Wallet has replaced the 2018 Google Pay app and co-exists with the 2022 version, on smartphones and Wear OS operating systems.  


How to link the Kinesis Virtual card to Google Wallet:

  1. Open the Google Wallet app on your home screen or app launcher. Please note that Huawei users may continue to see both the Wallet and Google Pay app icons.
  2. At the bottom of your screen, you will see a plus sign. Tap “Add to Wallet” to add your Kinesis Virtual Card. 
  3. Select the ‘Payment card’ option. 
  4. Select ‘New credit or debit card’. To add your Kinesis Virtual Card, you will need to tap ‘enter your details manually’ shown at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Go to your Kinesis app and take note of your card details: your long card number, expiry date and CVC - the three-digit card verification code attached to your card. You can find your card details stored in the ‘Virtual card’ tab in the Kinesis app.
    2. Go back to your Wallet app and enter your card details. You will also need to confirm your name, address and telephone number. 
  5. At the bottom of the screen, tap ‘Save’.
  6. Read the Issuer Terms and tap ‘Accept’.
  7. You may be asked to verify your payment method. If you’re asked to verify your payment method, we advise choosing to verify your card by SMS and you will receive a text message with a code from Kinesis. If you would like to verify by phone call, you will need to contact Kinesis support for further assistance at or through the live support chat, available 24/7.

After this step, your Kinesis Virtual Card is ready to use to make contactless payments in-store, online, or in-app - everywhere Google Pay is accepted. 


What if I do not receive an SMS verification? 

Make sure the phone number used for Google Pay is the same as your Kinesis account, as this is where the SMS verification code will be sent to. 

If have any problems with completing card verification or issues with any other aspect of card set-up please contact Kinesis support immediately at or through the live support chat, available 24/7.


How does Google Wallet work? 

Google Wallet allows users to store items such as payment cards for use via Google Pay to make contactless payments in-store or online. 

Google Wallet can be used anywhere the ‘Google Pay’ logo is shown. 


In which countries is Google Wallet accepted?

As of November 2022, Google Wallet is available in 57 countries worldwide for both Android & Wear OS. In the future, more countries are expected to be added.

For more information on which banks and cards support contactless payments with Google Wallet on your phone or smartwatch, view Google Wallet FAQ.