Kinesis Virtual Card - Everything you need to know

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How does the Kinesis Virtual Card work? 

The global Kinesis Virtual Card works just like a regular debit card and can be used the same way. Whenever you use your card online or at the store, Kinesis instantly converts the value of your purchase from local fiat into gold, silver or cryptocurrency and automatically withdraws the calculated amount from your Kinesis account to cover the transaction.

You can easily manage and set up the currency order preference list to control which currencies are withdrawn from your Kinesis account. 

The Kinesis Virtual Card enables fast and simple withdrawals directly from your Kinesis account, free of charge and without the need to top-up. With physical gold and silver as universally acceptable forms of currency, Kinesis cardholders can manage and spend their money with the ease of any other traditional currency.


Does the Kinesis card come as a virtual, physical or both? 

Currently, only the Kinesis Virtual Card is available for system users. However, the regional physical card programs are already underway.


Which currencies can I transact with the Kinesis card?

With the Kinesis Virtual Card, users can transact in gold, silver and all cryptocurrencies available on the Kinesis platform (except KVT and DASH).

The default fiat currency on the Kinesis Virtual Card is the Euro (EU). However, users globally can transact and spend in local currencies wherever they are. 


Using gold and silver as money with the Kinesis Virtual Card. 

With the Kinesis Virtual Card, you can send and spend your gold, silver and crypto at any time and from anywhere in the world, in a fast, easy and convenient way.

The Kinesis card allows you to be in better control of your personal finances and protect your savings by minimising the dependency on paper currency in your daily life. By choosing to transact and pay with gold and silver, Kinesis users can protect their financial freedom more effectively, outside of traditional banking and saving solutions. 

The Kinesis global card provides access to a diverse money-management ecosystem, allowing Kinesis cardholders to fully benefit from using physical gold and silver as money while earning a monthly yield for doing so. 


Can I earn a yield while using the Kinesis Virtual Card? 

Yes. The Velocity Yield rewards all Kinesis cardholders for using their gold and silver-based Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG, as money. This means that every time you spend KAU or KAG with a Kinesis card you earn a yield, paid monthly in gold and silver. 

Additionally, the Referrer’s Yield rewards all referrers whose referees transact with the Kinesis card.


Is there an identity check when I apply for a card? 

Yes. You’ll be given the option to apply for your card during the Kinesis account registration and verification process. 

For most applicants, the automated card verification process only takes a few minutes. However, in some instances, you may be asked to provide us with your proof of address and source of income details, on behalf of our card-issuing partner. This identity verification policy has been established to comply with the tightening anti-fraud regulations and ensure optimal protection of all your assets.


Can I set up a Virtual Card with my business account? 

Currently, the Kinesis Virtual Card is available only for Individual Kinesis account holders. However, more card options will be offered soon.


Can I use Google Pay & Apple Pay with the Virtual Card? 

As with a regular card, you can use your Kinesis Virtual Card with Google Pay and Apple Pay, allowing you to make transactions from your mobile, tablet devices and supported web browsers.

Find out how to link your Kinesis Virtual Card to Google Wallet in this article here. To add your card to Apple Wallet, read our helpful guide.


Can I have multiple Kinesis cards?

No. Currently, you can only have one Kinesis Virtual Card. However, our card offering will be expanded in the future.