Referral Silver Rewards - Terms and Conditions

  • Updated

Thanks to the Kinesis Referral Rewards program all new referrers and their invited users who sign up to Kinesis with the unique referral link and meet the reward criteria outlined below, will be rewarded just for joining and verifying their details. Both the referrer and their referee will receive 1/2 KAG (half an ounce of silver) each which will be credited into their accounts.

Criteria to meet for 1/2 KAG Reward:

  • A new user has to sign up to Kinesis using a referral link.
  • A new referred user is required to fully verify his/her identity through the KYC process, outlined in this article.
  • A new referred user is required to trade a minimum of $3000 in KAU, KAG or any crypto-asset on the Kinesis Exchange.
    • Any deposit amount can be used in order to reduce the number of trades required to reach the total trade volume requirement. For example, $100 will need to be traded a minimum of 30 times in order to reach the $3000 threshold.

Once these steps are completed, both referees and their referrers, whose unique referral link they have used to join the Kinesis system, will be credited with ½ ounce of silver each.

There is no limit to how many referrers can receive ½ KAG as a reward for inviting new users to Kinesis nor a limit to how many new users one person can refer to Kinesis.

There is also no limit to how many new system participants can receive  ½ KAG as a reward for joining, as long as they sign up through a referral link.

Importantly, new referrers can also be invited to the Kinesis system with the ''send-to-email' function, which automatically qualifies both referrers and their referees for the silver rewards.

The 1 oz silver reward is an ongoing feature of the Referral Rewards incentive, effective from 06.04.2022.

Please note that Kinesis reserve the right to change or discontinue this offer at any time at its discretion, whereby it would communicate this decision via email, its website and the recognised Kinesis Telegram group.

Any person availing themselves of this offer is required to have signed up to the Terms of Use and completed KYC-verification as appropriate during the application process.

In accordance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/ Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance policy, all accounts verified must be exclusively for the sole owner of the account and not passed on to any third party. Any account that is seen to be circumventing compliance policy will be suspended.