What is the Kinesis referral program?

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The Kinesis referral program has been designed to encourage adoption and use. Whenever a user signs up for a Kinesis account, they automatically receive a unique referral ID which is a link they can send to their network. 

Anyone who signs up under your referral link and transacts with Kinesis currencies will be attributed to your referral ID.  

A referrer receives a 7.5% recurring, passive Referrer's Yield based on your referral network's total transaction fees, in any one month, as explained in this short video from our Learn & Earn series.

For more information on yields, please visit our yields page or check the yields category in our Help Centre.


Do I need to be an active Kinesis user to earn referral rewards?

No. You do not need to be active system users to earn a return from referring others to Kinesis, however, you will need to create a Kinesis account in order for your unique referral ID to be generated.

* Please be aware that only KYC-verified accounts are eligible for yields.


Kinesis Silver Rewards

Additionally, thanks to the Kinesis Referral Silver Rewards program all new referrers and their invited users who sign up to Kinesis with the unique referral link and meet the reward criteria outlined in this article.

Importantly, new referrers can also be invited to the Kinesis system with the 'send-to-email' function, which automatically qualifies both referrers and their referees for the silver rewards.